Advantages of a dedicated server

With a dedicated server you enjoy maximum flexibility – exactly the one that you need for yourself or your company.

While you are bounded to some standards with our virtual servers, e.g. the limited usage of processor and memory ressources, our dedicates servers can be served explcitly based on your requirements and needs.

The most important aspect why a dedicated server might be useful for you is that you as a customer use the server for yourself only and can use all the available hardware ressources absolutely free.

Furthermore you do not hit any restrictions when setting up the server. Weiterhin sind Ihnen in der Ausgestaltung Ihres Servers keinerlei Grenzen gesetzt. This already starts when planning the server. While with virtual servers these are pre-defined and therefore only hard to change, with dedicated servers you can upgrade components with absolutely no problems, e.g. the amount of the availably memory. If you see, that the available memory is not enough any more, it can be upgraded easily..

On the following page we want to introduce our server configurations together with their highlights.

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