IPFFM Basic V2

Our “smallest” server – called IPFFM Basic V2 – has enough performance for your projects. In its base configuration it is equipped with:

IPFFM Basic V2
Processor Power
Intel QuadCore Xeon L5630
4x 2,13 GHz, 12 MB Cache
Available memory
6 GB
DDR3-1333 Kingston memory
Disk capacity
2x 250 GB
with 24/7-enabled harddisks
HDD redundancy
Secured through a raid array
included per month
2.500 GB
at 100MBit/s connection speed
Remote control of your server
Base price
Base price per month
with an annual contract
119,90 €
One-time setup feenone
Order now

If one ore more components do not fit your needs, you can upgrade them with one of the following replacements during the order process:

Intel SixCore Xeon L5640
6x 2,26 GHz, 12 MB Cache
+ 49,00 € / month
12 GB DDR3-1333
Kingston memory
+ 49,00 € / month
24 GB DDR3-1333
Kingston memory
+ 89,00 € / month
2x 500 GB
24/7-enabled server harddisk
+ 15,00 € / month
2x 1.000 GB
24/7-enabled server harddisk
+ 59,00 € / month
2x 2.000 GB
24/7-enabled server harddisk
+ 79,00 € / month
2x 3.000 GB
24/7-enabled server harddisk
+ 109,00 € / month

Within the harddisk upgrades there are countless constellations available. The above given ones are only a small number of all the possibilites. For another setup (there is a maximum of 4 harddisk of the same type possible for this server configuration) please contact us.

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