guaranteed cpu power
4x vCore Xeon L5640
2,26 GHz, 12 MB Cache
guaranteed reserved memory
2048 MB
DDR3-1333 ecc registered Technology
Disk space250 GB
on a Raid10-Array
Bandwidth500 GB / month
every additional GB only 0,10 €
Full root access
Exclusive and static ip address
SSH access / Remote desktop
Reboots free of charge
OS reinstall free of charge
The host server
High quality hardware
with well-matched components
Exclusive usage of Supermicro- or HP-Servers
High performance CPU's
with Quad- or SixCore-Technology
e.g. Intel Xeon L5640
6x 2,26 GHz, 12 MB L3 Cache
Harddisk array
for safetey storage of your data
15K SAS-Harddisks
in a speed-optimized Raid10-Array
Redundant connections
for power as well as for IP
No overbooked servers
there is always enough ressources for peaks
Price per month with an annual contract27,90 €
Price per month with a semi-annual contract28,90 €
Price per month with a monthly contract29,90 €
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