Request a test server

Here you can order a test server at absolutely no risk and free of charge in order to make yourself a picture about our services.

This test server will be available to you for 48 hours free of charge after acticvation. We will notify you about the activation by email. Please take care to enter a valid email address in the form below. If you do not receive an answer about activation within an appropriate time, please check your spamfilter.

Your test server will be disabled and deleted after the test period. If you are satisfied from our services, you can continue using the assigned test server without a new setup being neccessary.

If you want to request a test server, please fill out the following form:

    Your name (mandatory):
    Your email-address (mandatory):
    Operating system:
    Architecture and Version:

    Please enter the desired version number and architecture (32bit or 64bit) for the previously selected operating system

    Security check:
    please play the game
    [ayah testvserver]

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