Private Rack

The main features

Every IPFFM rack is an individual solution in principle, even if it is based analog to our IPFFM Rack-Space on a standard plan with corresponding options. The requirements are as a rule never to be realized with rigid specifications.

The IPFFM Private Rack
Dimensions of the IPFFM Private Rack60cm x 100cm (Width x Depth)
Available Units47
Perforated doors
for efficient climate
Cold Aisle Containment
to avoid air-mixing effects
2 power feeds
fused by 16 A each
Max. power consumption2 KW
Every additional KW: 150,00 € / month
Energy costs
Billing according to usage, monthly readings at the calibrated energy meter
0,36 € / kilowatt hour
Network- and IP-connectivity
Uplink to the Rack1x 100 MBit Copper (CAT 7)
Fibre- or GBit-Ports optional
Bandwidth1.000 GB / month
every additional GB only 0,10 €
IP addresses IPv4128 IPv4 addresses included (/25 subnet)
registered on your name at RIPE
IP addresses IPv6/48 subnet included
registered on your name at RIPE
Prices and contract terms
Minimum contract period: 12 months479,00 € / month
Minimum contract period: 24 months429,00 € / month
Minimum contract period: 36 months399,00 € / month

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